'Clash of Clans' has reportedly dethroned 'Candy Crush' as top-grossing iOS app

by Mike Rougeau

April 7 2014

Looks like iOS players don't mind investing a little real-life cash in their Clash of Clans barbarians.

King's Candy Crush held the top-grossing iOS app throne from March 2013 until February, when Supercell's Clash of Clans overtook it, Inside Mobile Apps reports.

The site says Clash earned $7 million in the past week, while Candy Crush earned just $6.1 million. Oh, is that all? Holy moly.

King's recent IPO didn't go so well, but the company also just posted 165 new job openings, so things probably aren't that bad in the house that candy built.

Supercell, meanwhile, just launched its Clash of Clans successor Boom Beach. No doubt the two will coexist for some time, especially with Clash apparently just hitting its stride.

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