Nexus 7 teardown reveals tablet has replaceable battery

July 5, 2012

The teardown showed that there are containing clips around the edge of the tablet, and revealed that these can be opened up easily enough using plastic tools. iFixit said that this made the Nexus 7 far more serviceable than the new iPad, which is held together using strong adhesive.

iFixit was impressed with the ability to replace the Nexus 7’s battery, which is only held down to the metal frame with a small amount of adhesive, and placed the 4326mAh/16Wh battery’s life as to being an impressive 9.49 hours, somewhat greater than the 7.42 hours offered up by the Kindle’s Fire 4400mAh/16.28Wh battery.

The firm added that the Nexus 7’s battery life is not dissimilar to the 9.52 hours offered by the new HSPA iPad and the 9.37 hours coming from the LTE model.

Digging elsewhere around the tablet, iFixit noted the appearance of just one camera (1.2MP front-facing model for videoconferencing), the lack of a microSD slot and was disappointed to find that the LCD display (made by Korean firm Hydis) is glued to the Gorilla Glass in front of it, thereby making it impossible to service if the screen is smashed or faulty.

Indeed, the group said that, in this case, repairers would have to replace the entire display assemble.


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