Nielsen: U.S. tablet owners purchase far more media than Europeans—with one exception

March 15, 2012
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The company's most recent Nielsen Mobile Connected Device Report reveals that U.S. tablet owners purchase far more music, books, and movies than their counterparts in Italy, Germany, and the UK. 

Among the European countries surveyed – Italy, Germany, and the UK – Italian tablet owners consistently purchased the most tablet media content across all the major media categories, with one exception: news. 

The research company's most recent survey results indicate that 62% of U.S. tablet owners paid for downloaded music on their device in Q4 2011, compared to 20% in Italy, 19% in the UK, and 9% in Germany. 

These results are mirrored across every major category of media, including books, movies, magazines, TV, streaming radio, and even sports: 

  • Books: 58% of U.S. tablet owners purchased books in Q4 2011, compared to 26% in Italy, 10% in UK, and 7% in Germany
  • Movies: 51% for U.S., 23% for Italy, 9% for UK, 6% for Germany
  • Magazines: 41% for U.S., 16% for Italy,  6% for UK, 6% for Germany
  • TV: 41% for U.S., 10% for Italy, 8% for UK, 4% for Germany

The sole data point of departure is paid news content. Italy led this category, with 44% of Italian tablet owners saying they had purchased news content on their devices, compared to 19% in the U.S and the UK, and 15% in Germany.


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