No Office on iPad, but over 5 million PowerPoint presentations have been uploaded using SlideShark

November 8, 2013
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While a number of third party apps let you work with Office docs, PowerPoint files are particularly problematic in terms of making sure the rendering and how they present on the iPad (or the iPhone or iPod which the app also supports) doesn’t get messed up.

The popular SlideShark app is specifically designed to make PowerPoint files iPad-friendly for presentations on Apple’s tablet. The company announced a significant milestone this week with the news that over 5 million PowerPoint presentations have been uploaded using SlideShark since its debut two years ago.

In addition to viewing PowerPoint slides on the iPad, SlideShark is designed as a platform for distributing, tracking and managing presentations in the cloud. You can, for example, broadcast presentations live over the Web and access content from cloud storage providers such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, EMC’s Syncplicity, Citrix ShareFile and Microsoft SkyDrive.

(SlideShark will be participating in the “Tablets in Sales – Getting to Yes faster” session at the TabletBiz conference & expo November 13 in New York)

Nine Network, a television broadcaster in Australia, is a good example of a SlideShark customer that’s not giving up its investment in PowerPoint, but is also on the iPad bandwagon.

“The 115 members of our sales team are equipped with iPads, yet PowerPoint is – and always has been – the tool we use to build presentation materials,” said Warwick Sharp, group sales operations manager for Nine Network. “We wanted sales staff to be able to access and give presentations instantly from their mobile devices – without having to ‘dumb down’ and rebuild all their PowerPoint assets to function in an iOS environment."

SlideShark also announced several other milestones:

  • 150 million slides have been uploaded to SlideShark.
  • In 2013 over 8,700 presentations have been uploaded daily
  • 1 SlideShark presentation is viewed every 3.6 seconds (25,000+ viewed every day)

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