Review: Conductive pads make North Face ETIP Gloves ideal for cold weather tablet use

February 4, 2012

Life is easy for tablet users living in balmy climates, but if you live where the snow squalls are big and frequent and you're determined to compute outside or on your commute, you have to make a decisin: you either use a stylus or you take your gloves off.

Unless, that is, you're wearing a pair of The North Face's ETIP Gloves. Available in three colors, the gloves play host to two conductive pads of fabric–one on the index finger and another on the thumb–of both gloves. These contacts make it possible to interact with a touchscreen device without having to expose your hands to the cold.

In our testing, we found the gloves to be well crafted, showing little sign of wear, even after a month of daily use. Additionally, the textured silicon coating on the palm of the gloves provided us with a sure grip on our tablet, making using our hardware outdoors a stress-free affair.

Unfortunately, the gloves are made by a company that caters to the outdoor sports adventuring crowd and it shows. The back of the each glove is emblazoned with a high contrast The North Face logo, making it a poor choice for those dressing to impress on the way to the office or heading out for a power lunch.

That said, when the weather turns sour, we seriously doubt that a logo will keep you from donning a pair of ETIPS in the name of staying simultaneously productive and warm.


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