Norton’s Tablet Security can remotely lock your device, take pictures of who has it

November 2, 2011
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Norton Tablet Security is designed specifically for Android tablets and helps to protect the device, as well the user’s privacy and important data, against loss, theft and viruses.

The software does this by providing a number of key, innovative features including web-based anti-theft, anti-malware and web protection.

The web-based anti-theft feature allows users to log-in on a web browser, in order to remotely lock a lost or stolen device. Users can also add a default or custom “device lost” message to the lock screen, and even track the device on a map to its most recent location.

Furthermore, the “Sneak Peak” feature allows users to remotely take a photo, using the front-facing camera, in the hope of seeing who is using the device. This picture can be uploaded to the anti-theft site, which stores and displays the most recent photos from the tablet.

The Anti-Malware feature automatically scans all the apps and app updates downloaded device and SD card for threats, while web protection uses Norton Safe Web technology to alert users when entering fraudulent and malicious websites.

Norton has also updated its Mobile Security solution with a raft of new features. The software now includes web-based anti-theft functions and a “Scream” locator that lets users send a text message to their missing phone. This message remotely activates the alarm, helping them to locate the device.

Other new features include the ability to remotely lock and wipe a device through SMS commands, or add a lost notice on the display to anyone who finds the device. As with Norton Tablet Security, the "Sneak Peek" and anti-malware features are also added.

“With today’s smartphones, people stand to risk losing much more than contact information when a device is lost or stolen – it’s access to their email, social networking sites, financial institutions or even exposing personal photos or videos, as many celebrities have”, said Dave Cole, vice president of mobile products at Norton.

“Given these risks, consumers are increasingly motivated to protect their mobile lives.  Norton Tablet Security and Norton Mobile Security provide protection from physical and online threats from one of the most trusted brands in security".

The app is now available through retail partners. Norton Tablet Security and Mobile Security are available from today only from select US and regional retailers at a MSRP of US$39.99 for the tablet security solution, and a MSRP of US$29.99USD for the mobile solution. Both products provide one-year of protection.

Symantec recently announced the Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Tablet, which is designed to secure content on the iPad. Set for release in early next year, the solution is expected to come to Android tablets later in 2012.


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