NPD: Thanks to the iPad, tablets are growing 10X faster than notebooks

May 22, 2012

The research group says that total mobile PC shipments hit 76.2 million units in the first quarter of 2012, which was a seasonal drop of 15% over Q4 of last year.

This result didn’t seem to have too much bearing on Apple, which once again claimed the crown in the mobile space with a 22.5% market share and mobile PC shipments of 17.2 million for the first three months of 2012, a figure which represents a mega 118% year-on-year increase from the result of 2011.

As to be expected, Apple’s much-loved iPad had more than a little bit of influence here, and with 13.6 million units shipping in the quarter, the 9.7-inch tablet accounted for around 80% of Apple’s total mobile PC shipments for Q1. This iPad figure was up 162% from shipments at this time last year, no doubt helped by the arrival of the third-generation Apple tablet in March.

However, the iPad wasn’t the only tablet to enjoy a successful quarter, with the tablet form factor as a whole rising 124% in the quarter. To put that figure in some perspective, netbook and notebook shipments increased by just 12% – meaning tablets are essentially growing ten times faster than notebooks and netbooks put together.

Clearly though, there is still only one winner in the tablet market with, Apple, holding 62.8% of the market, still far and away the leader of the pack, followed by Samsung with a 7.5% share, Amazon with 4% and RIM and Asus, both with 2.3%. NPD said that Samsung moved back into the number two slot after strong results in Europe and the Middle East in Q1, while Barnes & Noble fell out the top five altogether.


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