More nurses are turning to mobile devices, says new report

October 31, 2011

The study was conducted by Spring Publishing Company, a publisher of healthcare and social science titles, and polled more than one thousand nurses on their ownership and usage of mobile devices, their preference for nursing and medical apps and their social media use. The majority of those polled were nurse trainers with advanced nursing degrees.

The report found that 74.6% own a smartphone or tablet, while almost half – 41.5% – own an e-Book reader. However, only 31.4% of these owners said that they have purchased nursing or medical eBooks for their device, compared to a rate of 53.6% for smartphone and tablet users.

Spring Publishing found that 22% of the smartphone or tablet owners have an Apple iPad, and revealed that Epocrates is the favourite mobile medical application.

"These findings indicate the rapid growth of mobile technology use among those in the health care industry, as well as the growing demand for eBooks and mobile applications that serve the professional development and reference needs of nurses", said Pascal Schwarzer, the vice president of digital business development at Spring Publishing Company.

“This trend presents a wealth of new opportunities for industries serving the health care professions. Spring Publishing Company, for one, is happy to be meeting the growing needs of this community by making virtually all of our titles available as eBooks and launching an aggressive digital product development program".



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