Nvidia’s forthcoming Shield Tablet is more than an Android gaming console

July 2, 2014

Details of the Shield Tablet, the forthcoming new version of Nvidia’s Shield console, were listed by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and spotted by the tech site Engadget.

The original Shield  is an Nvidia Tegra-powered console, with a built in controller and 5-inch screen and can run Android games and apps. But its primarily purpose is to wirelessly stream games from an NVIDIA-equipped PC.

While the current version of the Shield is a tablet with a controller permanently attached, Engadget speculates that the Shield Tablet will separate the controller so Nvidia can market it as a high-end tablet, a handheld gaming device and possibly a home console that'd plug into your TV. The Shield Tablet my also sport a bigger, 7.9-inch screen.


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