NY Times’ Apple fanboy David Pogue heaps praise on Microsoft’s Surface Pro

January 11, 2013

But his latest column lauds Apple rival Microsoft for its new Surface Pro tablet which he calls “a home run.”

Specifically, he likes the fact you can run the full line of Windows software, including Office, in a powerful portable that, with its optional keyboard, offers the advantages of a notebook PC as well.

“Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to make sure that you’re not disappointed in either of the two functions, tablet or PC,” say Pogue. “The screen is dazzling: bright, crisp and responsive. It has 1,080 by 1,920 pixels, also known as 1080p high definition. But when you connect it to a TV or external computer monitor, it manages to output an even bigger desktop — 2,550 by 1,440.”

Later adding:

“Big apps like the Office apps open in just over one second. Programs switch fast and run fast.”

Pogue also calls the drawing experience using the Surface Pro’s pressure-sensitive stylus “fantastic” and the keyboard a game changer.

“What really makes the tablet/PC concept sing, of course, is the famous Surface keyboard cover,” says Pogue. “It attaches and detaches briskly and simply to a magnetic bar on the bottom of the tablet, making the Pro’s conversion from tablet to PC instantaneous.”

Surface Pro yes, RT no

Pogue dings the Surface Pro on a few points (such as the likelihood the stylus will get lost since there’s no dedicated storage for it on the tablet), and he makes clear he’s not a fan of the earlier Surface RT and other Windows RT tablets that include Office but won’t run the bulk of other Windows software.

And while Pogue isn’t saying he’s ready to switch to the Surface Pro (due out the end of this month), he thinks it could prove to be just the right companion for many users who can stop asking the daily question: “Hmm, should I take my laptop or my iPad?”


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