The Oculus Rift can now play games streaming from an Android tablet

December 13, 2013
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The company announced this week that it's received $75 million in funding, and with that revelation it shared some hopes for the future.

One of those hopes is that the VR facewear won't be dependent on being tethered to a PC to play games, and the company is reportedly working on porting the Oculus Rift development kit over to Android. In fact, existing Rift prototypes can already play games streamed from an Android tablet or phone, The Verge reports.

Eventually the Oculus Rift itself will run Android without the need for other devices to process games, but when the headset launches at the end of 2014 it may depend on Android devices to do the legwork.

Oculus will show off the latest prototype of the Rift virtual reality headset, which has reportedly eliminated motion sickness with improved graphics and head-tracking, next month at CES.

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