One in two sales reps would rather go without underwear than lose their tablet

October 29, 2013

The firm recently surveyed over 400 sales professionals (representatives and managers) across a number of different industries for its ‘State of the Sales Rep’ study and found that tablets were in high demand.

The reps reported that they used a variety of tools and technologies to assist them in presentations, with laptops (66%) and iPads/tablets (59%) coming out on top. Microsoft’s PowerPoint (61%) and traditional whiteboards (31%) were also highly favored, but smartphones were less critical at 28%.

But it was tablets that got the sales execs really worked up. Approximately 61% of respondents said that they’d rather forego matching socks than go to meeting without their tablet, and that figure slipped only slightly to 47% for underwear and to 45% for locking the front door of their house.

(Worth watching: How tablets are used in presentations)

Another pungent 32% said that they’d happily give deodorant the miss and 27% said that they’d take their tablets instead of brushing their teeth.

On a more serious note, the study found that most sales execs were continually frustrated by an inability to quickly locate sales materials (33%) and out of date sales documents (41%).

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