Orchestra expected to save over $30,000 by deploying tablets

November 13, 2012
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The 92-strong musical ensemble first used the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets at a concert in Belgium last week, with Samsung execs publically claiming that the group  could save up to €25,000 (just under $32,000) by using these tablets instead of scores of paper.

And while these musicians did convey some reservations about the tablets during rehearsals, director Gunther Brouke was apparently impressed on how quickly they all adapted to the new technology.

Samsung donated 100 of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablets to the orchestra, with the tablets even aiding the conductor in his attempt to quickly and remotely amend sections of music.

The tablets would appear to be running some kind of specialized app that lets the musicians swipe the page to go the next section of music, but which also has a ‘concert mode’ to make sure they do not get stuck on the wrong sheet of music or get distracted by notifications.


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