Ovum says mobile BI has ‘finally arrived’

January 16, 2013

In its latest study on the mobile BI landscape, the researcher cites MicroStrategy, Information Builders and Yellofin as just some of the vendors leading the mobile BI charge and adds that BI giant SAP is the top solution for iOS devices.

Ovum found in the study that all vendors support Apple’s iOS platform, followed closely by Android (90%), but adds that the surveyed BI vendors were not quite as keen on supporting BlackBerry (50%) or Windows (33%) devices.

 “There is no question that the iPad’s success in the consumer market has affected vendors’ go-to-market strategies,” said Ovum analyst Fredrik Tunvall.

“However, to reach a larger audience, they should consider supporting native/hybrid applications for Android and Windows devices, as both are expected to become increasingly prevalent in the enterprise, especially in emerging markets.”

Ovum says that SAP’s offering has been improved over time by the acquisition of Afaria, Syclo and Sybase, but stresses that the future of mobile BI will also be heavily influenced by the “mobile-first” approach being taken by competitors like IBM, Oracle and SAS.

“We expect BI vendors to enhance their mobile capabilities through in-house development and a continued wave of M&A activity,” said Tunvall.

“This will also be where we will see some of the most interesting and innovative developments in BI and analytics over the next few years.”


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