Is this the future of in-car entertainment? Panasonic demos rapid SD card on prototype tablet

January 31, 2012

The technology was first introduced into the market in 2009 and allows devices supporting the technology to communicate with each other, using the 60GHz frequency band. 

Panasonic utilized WiGig for the prototype tablet, so that it could wirelessly transmit photos or videos to displays in the passenger seats of a car. WiGig is able to deliver data transfer rates up to 7 Gbit/s, which is around ten times faster than 802.11n WiFi, but the limited connectivity range (around 1-3m) means the technology is more suited to working with nearby devices.

News source Diginfo TV shot a video on the tablet system, which shows it being able to transmit a “Full DVD video” in just 60 seconds, as well as being able to check up on the car’s battery capacity and tire pressure.

Panasonic is reported to be in the process of bringing WiGig SD cards to market for next year, while WiGig-compatible phones are also thought to be incoming at some point in future.


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