The PC industry has already trumped Apple; Windows 8 has learned new tricks

October 27, 2012

Commenting on Microsoft’s big Windows 8 rollout, Louis notes:

“There is an interesting irony in the fact that the oldest looking form-factor for a computer, after this week’s announcement comes from Apple: Their desktop computers don’t have touch-screen, do not include augmented reality (think of it as a Kinect-like interface to operate a computer), still rely on a computer mouse to do anything and still sport slots to insert CDs in: The iMac looks almost retro compared to what the PC industry is currently comng up with and a new era of industrial design is under ways for computers.”

He also credits Windows 8 for having learned “new tricks from its competitors.

“Whether it is the integrated search that makes it easy to find anything on the device and on the Internet with no boundaries between the two or the integrated sharing features, which borrow heavily from Android (and were also borrowed by iOS), Windows 8 is an operating system that’s been built for the always connected, always-on age of computing."

Listen up

"The challenge for Microsoft has been in reinsert­ing itself into the conversation," says Louis. "In a world where Apple and Android dominate the dialogue of what a mobile OS should look like, Microsoft is having a hard time getting a word in edgewise. With Windows 8, the company is now sitting by a loudspeaker, using the biggest piece in its sound equipment to make its argument."

(Louis will speaking at the upcoming TabletBiz conference & expo in New York, November 27). 


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