Peter Molyneux says the free-to-play mechanics in ‘Godus’ are like nothing you’ve ever seen

February 14, 2014
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The famed game developer behind FablePopulous, Black and White, and even the original Dungeon Keeper apparently began his interview with Pocket Gamer by coining a new term for free-to-play: "invest-to-play." "What really are we doing?" he asked. "We are tempting people to invest some of their money into a game."

Molyneux said his next tablet and smartphone game, Godus, will feature a new type of monetization that is as "fresh and as new and as different from anything you've ever seen in any game." Keep in mind that this is the same person who, more than a decade ago, promised that the original Fable would be larger and feature more freedom than The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. In other words, take his promises with a grain of salt.

Compared to existing free-to-play games, which Molyneux said are like "taking a huge hammer and smashing our customers with it," the microtransactions in Godus will be "subtle" and "delightful."

"We could layer in 'it takes six days to build this house', and maybe we'd make a shitload of money, but that's not my ambition for games," he said, taking another stab at EA's new Dungeon Keeper. "There has to be a better way."

Personally speaking, I'll believe it when I see it. Godus is expected to hit iOS and Android in 2014.


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