‘Plants vs. Zombies 2′ update ditches irksome free-to-play hindrances

December 12, 2013
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The latest update to the pea-shooting zombie slayer sequel adds new enemies and levels and fixes the in-game economy, eliminating the need for players to collect keys in order to unlock new plants and power-ups and progress through the levels.

Previously these keys were all too rare, requiring players to grind for hours or cough up real money to acquire them. With the latest update, though, all the game's avenues have opened and players' extra keys have been turned into coins.

The game's map and UI have also been upgraded to make it easier to navigate and check your progress. The maps have been simplified visually, which is a shame, but it's still an overall improvement. There's also a turbo button that speeds up plants and zombies for impatient players, and new levels include a pinata-based mini game and "Gargantuar" levels with enemies from the original Plants vs. Zombies. Finally there are new social elements that let you invite friends to play and send them gifts.

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