Poll: Business owners prefer to work & spend money on tablets

April 10, 2012
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The study revealed that 28% of over 1,100 independent business owners used a tablet to carry out work-related tasks in March, a penetration which compared favourably with the 19% of firm owners who used a notebook and the 17% who used a desktop for the same tasks.

Furthermore, the rise of the tablet was further highlighted in the study, with The Small Business Authority now also claiming that these same business owners are today more willing to invest in tablets than they are with desktops of laptops. The group's poll, carried out last month, showed that 45% of these business owners wanted to buy a new tablet , with 41% looking to acquire a new notebook. Just 14% of business owners revealed that they were looking to buy a desktop PC.

This report is the latest in a line of evidence that businesses are increasingly turning to tablet PCs. DisplaySearch recently said that one in four small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) are looking to adopt tablets, while there has also been some suggestion that enterprise demand of tablets could be set to grow five-fold in the four years to 2016.


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