‘Puzzle & Dragons’ developer GungHo reports first mobile game to make $1 billion

February 4, 2014
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No tablet and smartphone game has ever dared to cross the threshold of $1 billion in revenue—until now.

Puzzle & Dragons developer GungHo Online has released its 2013 financial report, and according to its figures the incredibly popular match-3 RPG hybrid has generated over $1 billion in revenue. During the 12-month period ending Dec. 31 2013, the Japanese company made about $1.5 billion, 91 percent of which, or about $1.36 billion, came from Puzzle & Dragons.

Overall GungHo's sales in 2013 rose 530 percent over 2012, to $1.5 billion, while net profits rose 570 percent over 2012 to $520 million.

And things are only getting better for GungHo, which says it generated another $155 million in the first month of 2014 alone.

Are you playing Puzzle & Dragons? If so, tell me: what's the appeal? [Via Pocket Gamer]


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