Qualcomm’s amazing $799 Snapdragon 805 developer tablet shows off high end features (video)

April 4, 2014

Manufactured by Intrinsyc, the Mobile Development Platform Tablet (MDP/T) is meant to offer app and game developers early access to the processor that will power most high-end Android smartphones and tablets coming in the second part of the year. The tablet runs Android 4.4 (KitKat).

The  10-inch tablet is packed to the gills with features, notes a report by Android Authority, including dual front 3D infrared cameras that can recognize gestures and a 13MP rear camera capable of recording 4K content. There are a whopping seven microphones on the device, which can be used for surround sound recording and recognizing input from an ultrasound emitting stylus.

Also, Qualcomm’s Fluence Pro technology lets users write on any surface using a special stylus, and the movement of the tip of the stylus is accurately transmitted to the tablet in real time. The Snapdragon 805 development tablet also comes with a fingerprint scanner, hardware-based HEVC (H.265) video decoding, dual-band two stream Wi-Fi, and 7.1 channel playback speakers. 

You should expect to start seeing tablets that incorporate at least some of these features later this summer.

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