Quark unveils Jabber, an iPad magazine for creative pros

December 8, 2011

Jabber is a new iPad app for designers and creative professionals that publisher Quark says “re-imagines the digital magazine.” 

The iPad app will feature design news, designers and their work, guest commentary, and creative infographics. The company used its own QuarkXPress 9 and App Studio to create Jabber which includes scrollable layouts, slideshows, videos, pop-ups, and HTML5 content available to iPad users. 

“Tablets like the iPad have opened up a totally new opportunity for the design community to rethink magazine design,” said Gavin Drake, Quark’s VP of marketing, in a release. “With Jabber we aim to give creative professionals fun, interesting, and informative content in an app that is our take on the future of the digital magazine. With Jabber we’ll trial new approaches to digital design to push the envelope of what’s possible for designers without having to code.”

Jabber is available for free at the iTunes store.

The tablet form factor and immediacy of Internet content is seen as a new revenue and subscriber opportunity by major magazine publishers, many of whom have added iPad versions over the past year. 

The idea of kind of re-imagining a magazine on the iPad was kicked off by Flipboard, a magazine showcase that emphasizes design and readability features such as giving content ad-free pages. 

“This is where the tablet comes in and why it’s such a big deal, information becomes the interface,” Flipboard CEO Mike McCue said at the Web 2.0 conference in October. “Now you can magically swipe through the content and when you come across an ad, instead of it being a banner that takes you away from the content, it’s full screen that lets the advertising breathe.” 


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