Clean up your Gmail inbox with

June 14, 2012

How much time do spend each week wading through email? Chances are, it's too much. is the latest attempt to tame your overflowing inbox, and it aims to cut down on the newsletters, announcements, and daily deals that clog up your email box and keep you from more productive things.

Unlike other solutions such as SaneBox, which includes several email management tools, is focused on helping you quickly unsubscribe from newsletters, including alerts from Facebook and other social networks.

Getting started with is simple. Head to the website, and enter your email address. The service currently supports Gmail and Google Apps accounts, but support for other systems is on the way.

Once has access to your account, it'll begin analyzing your messages, and finding newsletters and other notification emails. You can use the web-based dashboard to unsubscribe en masse, or opt for a daily "Rollup," an email message that consolidates all your subscriptions into a single message. And if you want to resume receiving certain subscriptions individually, you can remove it from your Rollup and the messages will continue normally. is currently in free open beta. For now, your dashboard is accessible via the website, but Android and iOS apps are on the way.


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