Quick Tip: Get more free Dropbox storage by using the Mailbox iPad app

August 24, 2013

You will need to first download Mailbox (free, iTunes), the email iPad app which the cloud storage firm acquired back in March.

Having done so, you should hit Settings in the left-hand toolbar, select Dropbox and then add your account information. On doing that, you should find that your account has been debited with 1GB of free storage.

Don’t worry if you’ve already linked Mailbox to Dropbox – you can still get your free 1GB by unlinking the apps and them re-linking them by doing the same process.

Mailbox launched first on iPhone before coming to iPad and lets users see emails in full-screen and swipe at emails to mark for deletion, archiving or just to review at a later time.

Dropbox acquired the app – which only works with Gmail accounts — almost six months ago and the latest iteration of the iOS app lets users send attachments from Dropbox by tapping the paperclip icon next to the camera when composing a new message.

You can also get free Dropbox space by getting friends to sign up, getting friends to install the software on their computer, and by linking to Facebook and Twitter.


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