Quickoffice ProSelect HD targets enterprise, BYOD security issues

March 13, 2012

The Quickoffice line has proven to be particularly appealing to business users as a way to edit Microsoft Office documents on the iPad and the latest version adds security (including native iOS data encryption) and other features the company says enterprise users have been asking for. 

Another key aspect of the six new features in ProSelect HD is that they can be configured by IT departments to suit their unique application environment and company policies.  The configurable features include WiFi file sharing, cloud storage services, cut/copy/paste, ‘Open In’ support and SaveBack, Quickoffice’s patent-pending API.

Saveback offers secure file editing via select cloud service providers and/or applications that access network file storage. It blocks users from saving documents to devices, eliminating data leakage. 

Quickoffice says ProSelect HD will launch with configurable support from SaveBack partners Accellion, Alfresco, GroupLogic, Moprise and SouthLabs, who have integrated the Quickoffice API.This ensures enterprises that leverage these partners can access, edit and readily save-back documents only to their original source. 

(Quickoffice CEO Alan Maserek will be the keynote speaker at the first TabTimes Tablet Strategy conference in New York April 27 where issues related to tablet deployment, security and BYOD will be discussed). 

“While iOS allows users to open content within another application, it does not offer a secure way to ‘save back’ the edited content to the originating application, which leaves company data vulnerable,” explained David Halpin, SVP of engineering at Quickoffice. “ProSelect HD with SaveBack extends Quickoffice’s feature set to provide the best mobile Office, enterprise data management, security and networking experience in the market today.” 

The company said SaveBack is also available for integration by new partners, including data repositories, content management and CRM systems, through Quickoffice’s partner program. 

Quickoffice says the new version also addresses other security issues related to the iPad, which has quickly become the poster child of the so-called BYOD (bring your own device to work) trend. For example, ProSelect HD integrates native iOS file encryption and support for native iOS email. 

While the BYOD trend gives workers more flexibility to use devices they’re most familiar with, it also introduces apps to the corporate environment that IT may not have approved. Quickoffice says its “enhanced security” ensures data remains encrypted, even if a device is jailbroken. Also, by supporting the native iOS, users have direct, secure access to their Exchange account for work.

Tiered purchase levels begin at 50 users and include maintenance and support for one year. A pre-configured version of ProSelect HD is available in Apple’s Store Volume Purchasing for Business program for $29.99 that the company says is well-suited for SMBs who desire an off-the-shelf product.

The pre-configured version comes with social media and WiFi file sharing disabled, and enables cloud storage services and cut/copy/paste. Users can leverage the ‘Open In’ function as well. 


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