QVC offers iPad 2 for a whopping $799.98 with accessories

March 23, 2012

QVC is offering an iPad 2 bundle for $799.98 at its online site, double the price of Apple’s device which was discounted from $499 to $399 following the release of a newer iPad earlier this month. (Hats off to the Consumerist website for spotting the QVC ad). 

The ad doesn’t spell out specifically what you’re getting that doesn’t come standard with the iPad 2 so an unsophisticated buyer might think they’re getting more for their money than they really are. 

For example the list of features in the package includes a Bluetooth keyboard, silicon sleeve, TPU case DC car charger, screen protector and headphones (which are in fact all extras you’d normally have to pay more for) followed by features like the iPad 2‘s 16GB flash drive, front and back cameras and WiFi that all come standard in the $399 model. 

Depending on the name brand, the various accessories could well be priced in total the additional $400 at retail, but could also be found for less. Also some of the additional items in the bundle may be more than many consumers would actually use.

But QVC says the $799.98 package is actually a deal because the normal “QVC price” for the bundle is $880. 

There’s also an extra $16.22 shipping and handling cost though the package is available using QVC’s “easy pay” that spreads payments over 5 months at $159.99 each plus shipping and handling and tax. 

QVC is also offering a similar bundle for the new iPad that has a feature price of $899.96 (which it says is a discount off its regular price of $989.96 for the bundle). 

The 17 comments below the ad included several that said the easy pay option made it more affordable to buy the iPad and a few that said the bundle was a good deal. But a number of other ones complained about problems with the Bluetooth keyboard and said the bundle was overpriced, particularly because they didn’t need all the accessories. 

Some buyers were particularly peeved because they bought the bundle the week before the new iPad came out and the iPad 2 discount was announced: 

Someone named Ellen posted on March 7: 

"Received ipad today. Overpriced, because many of the accessories are not needed e.g. ipad has own keyboard. Keyboard case makes it had to plug in charger. Starter kit has protector too. No instructions e.g. how long should charge. Because ipad 3 is coming out, prices will drop. This was never mentioned on QC (sic). I would not recommend this particular configuration."


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