Rating the Asus Transformer Book T100 – a low cost Windows 8.1 hybrid

December 23, 2013

The Asus Transform Book T100 is one such device, a $349, Windows 8.1 32GB tablet that includes a laptop dock. 

The core T100 is a thin, light (1.2 lbs.) tablet. ZDNet reviewer James Kendrick lauds the tablet's performance, powered by an Intel Bay Trail processor. 

"Operation is fast and fluid, a primary requirement for a tablet. Even with 10+ apps running at the same time, the T100 exhibits no lags nor stutters while being used," he says.

His one gripe? "… the goofy Windows button that Asus has chosen for the T100. Instead of a Windows button on the bezel of the tablet as is common on Windows tablets, Asus has put a thin hardware button on the left side of the tablet that is hard to find by feel and even harder to press due to the angle of the button."

There are plenty of lower costs tablets out there, but the inclusion of the notebook dock is the T100's extra value.

"Popping the tablet into the laptop dock is a one hand process, and the system gives a confirmation tone to let you know it's properly seated. This gives instant access to a full, albeit cramped, keyboard and trackpad." 


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