Read all about it — San Antonio school district taps Dell for Windows 8 tablets

May 7, 2013
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The roll-out is just the first step for the district and will see the tablets connect to Big Universe, a digital literacy platform which offers eBooks to K-8 students and teachers.

Both the school district and Dell decided against giving figures on how many tablets have been deployed, although a press release on the matter says that the 22,000 students on these campuses will benefit from a “multi-touch, dynamic learning experience that motivates them to increase their reading time and experience”.

“The Dell Latitude 10 tablets give our students a device for self-directed learning and literacy that enables them to go beyond the text and pursue their own interests and intellectual curiosities,” said Marcos Zorola, CIO for the San Antonio Independent School District.

“Dell’s solution is the best for our school district’s libraries because they not only deliver a great user experience, but the tablets are compatible with the library infrastructure simplifying their deployment and management.”

This represents the latest good news for Dell when it comes to tablets in education. Back in March, the Texas computing giant revealed that four education establishments had already deployed its 10-inch Latitude 10 tablet, despite the model only launching at the start of 2013.


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