Report: App Store has 3x Business and 2x Education apps vs. Google Play

July 29, 2014

The App Store is of course more established having been around several years longer than Google Play. A new report by ShinobiControls analyzed the meta-data of 75,000 apps from Apple’s iTunes App Store versus 60,000 Android apps in Google Play.

Among the highlights and points of contrast:

  • The iOS store has 3.5x more business apps than the Android store, and 2x more Education apps
  • Both stores have roughly the same percentage of free apps, at 75%
  • The most expensive category in the Android store is Medicine at average price of $21 –  double the most expensive iOS category, Business, with an average price of $12
  • The average user rating of Android apps is slightly lower than iOS apps
  • The Apple store has 3x more apps with zero user ratings

Perhaps the most surprising difference between the two stores is that 60% of iOS apps have no user ratings while only 20% of apps on the Android store have zero ratings. In an earlier separate analysis, CloudMagic says Google Play’s design does a better job of encouraging and making it easier to rate apps.

Business app publishers, consider submitting your iPad, Android and Windows apps to the Tabby Awards /Business competition – Entries are welcome until August 8.


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