Report claims only 5% of global firms have a comprehensive mobile strategy

April 25, 2013
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"We estimate that less than 5% of global firms currently have an official and centralized internal competency centre for mobile," said Nicholas McQuire, VP of Mobile Enterprise Strategies at research firm IDC.

"While many have different degrees of commitment and intent around mobility, a strategic view on the technology is already taking hold in many firms. Therefore, the need for better internal organization around mobility, to drive governance, standards and accountability, has become pressing.”

McQuire’s comments were part of a just-released IDC white paper commissioned by Netbiscuits, which provides solutions for mobile web app developers.

The paper says a focus on mobility is becoming increasingly critical. IDC estimates smartphones and tablets now represents over half the IT industry’s growth in 2013

“We see many enterprises try to adopt a limited or scaled approach to their mobile web rollout or let multiple departments throughout the company build incongruent apps and sites that have no control, scale or repeatability, and all too often quickly realizing that they have wasted time and resources while delivering a poor user experience,” said Michael Neidhoefer, CEO of Netbiscuits.


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