Report: Google readies hi-res 8.9-inch Nexus tablet for release this July

March 19, 2014
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Digitimes Research says the new Nexus tablet will enter mass production this July.

The company said it expects to continue to see shipment growth of smaller tablets thanks to strong demand for models with phone functions. But it also believes Google wants to ramp up its share of larger sized tablets where Android only accounted for around 30% in 2013. 

“Although Google may still release a smaller-size model in 2014, its strategy of skipping most of the sizes in the 8-inch range and going for an 8.9-inch display – a size that could be categorized as large-size tablet (9-inch and above) – shows that the Internet giant is starting to shift its focus to large-size tablet applications,” the research firm said.

The Nexus line is generally also representative of where Google would like its Android hardware partners to follow.

Digitimes Research’s take is that the success of these larger screen tablets will depend heavily on Google's ability to enhance Android tablet-only applications and attract more application developers to join the ecosystem.

That effort will be greatly enhanced if Google is able to deliver new features in a release of Android 5.0 this summer. 

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