Report indicates tablets now account for 40% of mobile data plans

May 9, 2012

These figures come from the firm’s Mobile Broadband Price Benchmarking Service, which also notes the emergence of 4G-specific tablet plans from the likes of Vodafone in Germany, and Sprint in the United States

Unsurprisingly given the increasing availability of 4G tablets and compatible networks (at least in North America), Strategy Analytics expects a ‘dramatic increase’ in 4G tablet plans for the rest of 2012.

"Offering tablet plans and devices is a key part of mobile operator strategy”, said author of the report, Pawel Kmiec. 

“Of all the plans available from mobile operators, tablet plans now account for almost 40 percent. Strategy Analytics expects this number to continue to grow. As new devices come onto the market, operators are keen to add them to their portfolio. We have seen a slowdown in the introduction of operator-branded tablets of late, however.”


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