Study: iPad dominates tablet ad impressions, Kindle Fire trails in a distant second

January 20, 2012

The Kindle Fire represented 2.4 ad impressions per every 100 iPad impressions on Chitika’s mobile advertising network, while RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook accounted for 1.8 impressions.

The firm says that Apple’s iPad is responsible for an astonishing 15% of all mobile traffic, and added that web traffic on the Kindle Fire rose 122% in the week following Christmas.

Chitika’s report puts Samsung’s Galaxy Tab (we presume it to be the 10.1-inch model) and Motorola’s Xoom in fourth and fifth respectively, when it comes to tablet ad impressions, with the two firms accounting for 1.6 and 1.55 impressions per 100 iPad impressions respectively.

”Despite the iPad’s stronghold in the tablet market, other tablets are continuing to carve out and hold their own places – a trend that is continuing even past the expected gains that the holiday season brought,” said a spokesman from Chitika.

“It has taken some time for other players to elbow their way in to the market, but with these tablets paving the way and the demand for tablets continuing to grow, perhaps the coming year will bring more opportunities for other players to enter the field and bring their own innovations to the table.”

The report is staggering in regard to Apple’s dominance, and would seem to suggest Android (and other non-iOS) tablets users feel disconnected with the kind of adverts they see on their tablet.


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