Report: Samsung, Google set to double tablet share, bite into Apple

January 26, 2013
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The analyst team at Pacific Crest Securities predicts global tablet shipments will surge by 61% in 2013, up from last year’s level, to about 172 million units.

As MarketWatch reports, Pacific Crest expects the iPad to hold onto about 50% of global sales for the year, though that is down from the estimated 62% of global sales that Apple’s tablet accounted for in 2012.

Pacific Crest believes Samsung will grab about 23% of global sales this year compared to an estimated 11% in 2012, while Google’s share is expected to jump to about 9% from 4%. But the percentage growth also depends on the launch and reception of a much-rumored new Nexus tablet, which could come before this summer.

But Pacific Crest is not as bullish on Microsoft’s Surface tablets, predicting only 1% global market share even with the new Surface Pro set to launch next month.

“We believe initial activity for the x86 Surface Pro tablet is less than that of the first quarter for the ARM-based Surface tablets,” the report says. “We believe Microsoft’s conservative approach represents a lack of confidence in the x86 Surface Pro tablet and lower-than-expected demand for the original ARM-based Surface tablet.”


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