Report: Tablet magazine readers want to buy directly from adverts

February 7, 2012

The research comes from GFK’s iPanel, which is made up of tablets and eReaders users, and which revealed that two-thirds (67%) of respondents prefer digital magazines. That said, 65% of the same panel said that they prefer the reading experience on printed magazines, possibly suggesting that the preference for digital magazines is more down to the design and portability of a mobile device, like a tablet or eReader.

There were some concerns on digital magazines however; 48% are frustrated by slow download times, and 46% by gimmicky videos, while 43% find it difficult to find a magazine they wanted to read on their mobile device.

There was better news for advertisers, with 70% of readers saying that they would like to be able to purchase items by clicking on adverts within a publication. Around 67% said that they would like those adverts to be personalized to their own interests, while 72% have demanded uniformity in formatting across all digital magazines.

GFK's video on the findings can be found here.


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