IDC predicts smaller tablets will take over in 2013; thinks Facebook could help manage BYOD

December 3, 2012

Casting its eye over the forthcoming year for its annual predictions report, the firm looked at all IT trends from social networking and big data to mobile and cloud developments.

What the group concluded was that tablets and smartphones will grow another 20% in 2013, with mobile devices as a whole representing a significant 57% of the IT industry’s overall growth.

IDC said that an increasing number of people are going online via their smartphones and tablets and expects this trend to continue as interest swells in “mini” tablets with screens no larger than 8-inches.

Indeed, analysts from the firm have predicted that 170 million tablets will be shipped in 2013, and claims that 60% of these will be for smaller tablets like Apple’s iPad mini.

IDC’s predictions also tackled mobile operating systems and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, which is currently sweeping around business.

In regard to the mobile operating system market, IDC has warned both Microsoft and RIM that 2013 will be a “critical” year in which they can expect to lose market share if they fail to add a significant number of apps to their respective operating systems.

Furthermore, the research group added that “Bring Your Own Identity” (BYOID) will become another big trend in the next year.

IDC believes that consumerization will reach enterprise security in 2013, and expects in turn for security software vendors and IT shops to start implementing Facebook and Google+ into their services so that businesses can properly authenticate employees and customers accessing their data.

IDC’s full predictions report for 2013 can be downloaded here.


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