Retailer uses Square to sell computers by candlelight as New York recovers from superstorm

November 1, 2012

“It’s quite exciting in an unusual away,” says Aaron Freimark, CTO at Apple specialist Tekserve in New York City. “We’re selling computers by candlelight and using Square to process payments.”

Square is the mobile payment add-on that turns an iPhone or iPad into a point-of-sale system for processing credit card payments. It was founded by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter.

While buying a new computer isn’t a high priority for most people trying to recover from the storm’s effect, Freimark said Tekserve is seeing a lot of demand for everything from batteries to chargers and accessories. And by opening it was also to deliver computers sent in earlier for repair.

And other sales are being made. “We’ve actually been doing a lot of iPhone activations via Verizon and we just received hundreds of the new iPad minis that will go on sale tomorrow,” says Freimark.

Tekserve, located at 119 West 23rd Street, was not adversely affected by flooding but there was a scramble to move inventory out of the basement as a precaution.

Freimark will be speaking at the TabletBiz conference in New York, November 27. 


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