Revel doubles down on security for iPad point-of-sale solution

May 7, 2013
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San Francisco start-up Revel Systems today refreshed its iPad point-of-sale solution for restaurants, grocery and retail chains, and most of the improvements appear to be on improving security.

Revel 2.0 comes with a number of handy new tools but the most eye-catching is the company’s patent-pending, photo-based identity theft protection feature, which shows an image of the card holder on the iPad's screen when their card is swiped.

"At Revel we spend a lot of our time thinking about and trying to stay one step ahead of security for mobile point-of-sale transactions, while keeping ease-of-use front and center," said Revel CTO and co-founder Chris Ciabarra.

"For this important update, the team laid out all possible security issues for our customers. Concentrating on credit card fraud – both current and forward thinking into future scenarios – we built onto the advancements that have been made for chip-and-PIN, CVV codes and PCI compliance to add a brand new component that utilizes the power of the cloud and social web to pull the most obvious anti-identity theft tool out there: your face."

The one caveat is that users are required to sign up for a Revel account but on doing so, the account is able to pull in a photo by integrating with Facebook.

Revel 2.0 also sees the iPad POS solution now able to lock down stolen iPads (thanks to Revel’s partnership with mobile device management vendor MokiMobility), and even track how businesses use the solution.

For instance, Revel can now show delivery, tracking and production analytics on everything from average prep time and average driver time to detailed delivery order information.


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