Parallels Access 2.0 now lets you run a PC or a Mac from Android devices and iPhones

by Patrick Pierra

June 23 2014

Launched with only an iPad version and a premium price, Parallels Access now runs on a much larger range of devices and at a more reasonable price.

The Parallels Access iPad app got great reviews after its launch last August. The app basically allows you not only to access your computer remotely, but also to run software and apps on it.

The ability to run PC software in full screen mode on the tablet is one of the strengths of the app.

The new 2.0 version of the IOS app is now universal, also running on iPhones (4s+). An Android version of the app is also available for most devices - tablets and smartphones.

The app is free but requires a yearly subscription. While the subscriptions cost $80 at launch, it is now down to $20 for up to 5 computers being connected. To connect a computer, you must first download and install an agent on it.

The new 2.0 version also adds several features to Parallels Access:

  • The app can now wake up remotely a computer in sleep mode.
  • It features an OS X-Finder like file browser.
  • You can log in through your Facebook credentials.
  • The screen resolution is enhanced.
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