5 cloud storage solutions that offer more bang for the buck

by Derek Walter

July 18 2013

Bitcasa promises "infinite" storage for $99 per year.
Bitcasa promises "infinite" storage for $99 per year.

Cloud storage is pretty well dominated by a number of major players, such as Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. But these don’t have to be your only choices. Some alternatives from both startups and established companies offer some advantages that can be had for less than the dominant cloud providers.

If you are willing to try a lesser-known alternative in order to save a few dollars, here are some options.


While most cloud providers start out with a paltry 2 GB of free storage, Bitcasa gives you 10GB free. Instead of layered pricing plans, there is only one upgrade option: $99 a year (or $10 per month) for “infinite” storage. Considering that same price point will get you 100GB with Dropbox, it is a pretty compelling option.

The company offers dedicated apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 8 tablets. There is also a Chrome plugin that enables one to directly download files online into one’s Bitcasa account.


SugarSync was one of the first to offer cloud backup that connected with a mobile device. While other competitors have grown up around it, SugarSync has sought to differentiate itself with tiered plans for businesses and individuals while building apps for iOS, Android, and recently Windows 8. The company recently announced plans for a Windows Phone app as well.


Cubby is a product from LogMeIn, which gives it some worthy credentials in the cloud storage space. The company is currently offering 100GB of storage at $3.99 per month (it is billed annually at this rate).

Free accounts get 5 GB to start. Enterprise users who have more involved storage options can contact Cubby to discuss their specific needs. Apps are available for both iOS and Android.


Microsoft’s SkyDrive has often lagged behind competitors from Dropbox, Box, and Google when it comes to features and stability. Yet some recent improvements have given the service a clean interface and more robust performance. Also, its pricing structure is very favorable, with 7GB free and 100GB for $50 annually.

Also, SkyDrive may well be a compelling option if you use a Windows 8 tablet, computer, or are otherwise heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. 


Mozy has made its business based on backing up one’s essential files for safekeeping. This now extends to its mobile apps, which work with the company’s enterprise and personal encryption keys for safekeeping one’s data.

For $10 per month users can get 125GB of storage, which includes three months free if you sign up for two years. Users can view and download files from their account to their iPad or Android tablet.

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  • MHarvey
    1 year 4 months ago

    Derek, when you get a chance I want you check out IDrive. Free accounts start at 5GB and 150GB for $49.50 a year. Very affordable, way more than the companies you mentioned

  • tomtomtom
    1 year 4 months ago

    You should add Backupthat to the list. I've backed up over 500GB of files for free with them. :)

  • Nothsa
    1 year 4 months ago

    No link to the Windows 8 and Android apps for Bitcasa?

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