TabTimes’s Best 100 iPad apps: From creativity to productivity

by David Needle

December 25 2013

What truly makes the iPad a standout tablet is the abundance of apps that can run on it. In the latest TabTimes 100 best iPad apps feature we help you find the best of the best apps across 14 different categories (see the article links below).

While TabTimes primary focus is business and productivity we know you also use your tablet for more than that as well. That's why the TabTimes Best 100 covers apps ranging from Utilities and Personal Productivity to Sports and Fitness, Writing and Editing, Office Productivity and more.

Here's to making your iPad experience both fun and productive.

5 best iPad Brain Games  (Also check the Best 25 iPad Games guide in TabTimes Games)

10 best iPad apps for Collaboration and Communication

5 best iPad apps for Food and Drink

5 best iPad apps for Medical and Health Care

10 best iPad apps for News and Media

5 best iPad apps for Nutrition and Recipes

10 best iPad apps for Office Productivity

10 best iPad apps for Personal Productivity

5 best iPad apps for Photos and Video

5 best iPad Presentation apps

5 best iPad apps for Sports and Fitness

5 best iPad apps for Travel

10 best iPad Utility apps

10 best iPad apps for Writing and Editing

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David Needle is Editor of TabTimes and based in Silicon Valley.
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