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4 best iPad backup solutions

by Derek Walter

February 5 2014

Don't let essential files disappear
Don't let essential files disappear

Finding a backup solution is essential, especially given the volume of data it's so easy to amass. And being able to easily access your backups adds welcome convenience. The following solutions can help avoid tragedy should your computer or tablet meet its demise.


With iDrive, you are able to back up multiple mobile devices as well as PC data. Then the contents are accessible from an iPad. The interface is fairly clean, making it very easy to find content by file type.

A personal 150GB storage plan is $49.50 per year, which is very reasonable given the cost of some alternatives (100GB of Google Drive is $59.88 for one year).


Mozy is a very popular backup solution for personal users, small businesses or enterprise. The iPad app has a great interface that makes it quick to find information.

Mozy also has competitive plans for all use cases, with a particular emphasis on business backup. The backup is not just for files; there's an option to save Exchange file and server data.

More tablet apps at


DataCloud is a good solution for those who are wary of having files stored on a U.S.-based server; DataCloud hosts all of its content on New Zealand servers, with the promise of anytime phone call support. The interface on the iPad app is pretty straightforward, with minimal flair.


Backblaze does backup for the PC and Mac with access to files through the company’s iOS app. The company has specific plans geared for business users, with the opportunity to get unlimited storage data. Since Backblaze runs backups seamlessly in the background, you don't need to schedule or do a manual backup each day. 

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