RIM will launch a bigger PlayBook next autumn, claims report

July 3, 2012

The company’s product plans, tipped at BlackBerry fansite BlackBerry OS today, shows what's said to be a photo of RIM's roadmap that indicates RIM hopes to launch a 4G PlayBook in Q4, before pushing out the unknown ‘Blackforest’ tablet in Q3 in 2013.

The roadmap didn’t reveal an exact size for the device, but the picture of the tablet was bigger than that of the one for the 4G PlayBook, perhaps indicating that this ‘Blackforest’ tablet might be a 10-inch model. There was also a mention of '128' under the tablet, which might suggest the tablet will come with 128GB of memory.
Towards the end of last week, RIM announced its latest financial figures, while revealing that it planned to cut 5,000 jobs and delay BlackBerry 10, its new operating system, until Q1 of next year.
Should this roadmap turn out to be genuine, that could mean that the 4G PlayBook misses out on BB10, although it is possible that RIM could bring the OS forward to coincide with the launch of the tablet.


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