Rumor: Apple will make 4 million iPad Minis in September, tablet will have iPad 2 display

August 22, 2012

Citing sources in the supply chain, Taiwanese news site Digitimes reveals that Apple will make four million iPad Minis in September, but claims that these tablets will bear the same 1024 x 768 resolution as featured on the iPad 2.

Digitimes goes onto reiterate previous rumors that the iPad Mini will look more like the iPod Touch, and adds that a likely price of $299 will affect both Amazon’s Kindle Fire ($199) and Google’s Nexus 7 ($199 to $249).

Apple is widely expected to launch the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 in a special event on September 12, but not everyone in the electronics industry is convinced by Apple's dive into the 7-inch market.

For while one researcher told us last week that the tablet would be ‘bad business’ for Tim Cook’s firm, another this week argued if Apple will even bring the iPad Mini to market.

“I don't believe that there will be an iPad Mini,” said 451 Research’s Chris Hazelton, in an email exchange with TabTimes.

“Apple is dominating the market with a 9.7 inch tablet but 7-inch tablets have not been able to gain significant market share. In fact, smaller devices like Samsung's Galaxy Note with over 10 million sold, and Apple's iPod Touch with 46.5 million sold, have had much more traction.

“Devices in between 5 and 10 inches are not resonating with large numbers of users and if Apple were to launch a 7 inch device people this would further legitimize competitors' offerings.”


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