Is this HP’s first Windows 8 tablet?

April 27, 2012

Neowin claims to have received this information from a ‘trusted source’, and says that at 9.2mm the slate will be slimmer than the iPad, have a battery life of between eight and 10 hours, and will boast Intel’s x86 architecture, in a bid to entice business users. The source adds that the tablet will support touch and digital pen input, feature Computrace security and HP ProtectTools software, and will have some kind of "enterprise level docking".

We’re not overly familiar with Neowin’s reliability with these kinds of rumors, but we would doubt that – if the news were to be true – HP would allow this kind of detailed information to slip through the net months before Microsoft officially takes the wraps off Windows 8.

News on Windows 8 tablets has begun to ramp up of late, with Microsoft announcing three versions of the OS last week, and with the likes of Dell, HP, Nokia and Lenovo all said to be thinking about making Windows 8-powered slates. Interestingly, a senior executive from a company which works closely with Microsoft told TabTimes earlier this week that Microsoft sees the Windows 8 tablet as primarily being a device for consumers, not business users.

Having putting an end to the highly-rated, webOS-driven TouchPad towards the end of 2011, HP CEO Meg Whitman appears to be keen for the company to have another crack at the tablet market, albeit with a Windows 8 model that can tie into existing Windows-based business infrastructure.


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