Rumored HTC Nexus 9 tablet could be coming this fall

July 1, 2014
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Those hoping for new tablet news at last week’s Google I/O conference were disappointed as no such announcements were made, though Google did show off a prototype 3D tablet that is slated to see the light of day next year.

The most recent speculation is that Google is working with HTC on a Nexus 9 tablet that will be released this fall.

Among others reporting the rumored specs of the device that some say is codenamed Flounder, Android Police last month posted what it says is a photo of the alleged Nexus 9 tablet. The device, dubbed “Volantis” is manufactured by Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC and includes an 8.9-inch screen with 2048 x 1440 pixel resolution and 221dpi, 2GB RAM, and front-facing speakers.


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