New for iPad, book aims to help CIOs run IT as a business

July 23, 2012

The book is a production of the Technology Business Management Council (TBM Council), a non-profit group made up of Fortune 500 leaders with the stated mission of helping CIOs run IT as a business.

Each book chapter was produced based on interviews with, input from and reviews by dozens of thought-leading CIOs and other C-level business executives that make up the TBM Council, according to a release. Only the first chapter is currently available for free download via iTunes or the TBM site, with more on the way. 

"Simply put, the TBM Council believes that traditional approaches to managing IT are no longer adequate — let alone applicable — to keep up with new business models that innovations like cloud computing and mobile are enabling," said Chris Pick, president of the TBM Council. 

"The TBM Book contains up-to-date knowledge from the best and brightest minds in technology leadership, and symbolizes the pivotal shift that all of us in IT and non-IT roles are experiencing today."

The book includes videos, infographics and best practices that TBM says readers can use to build technology business management into a professional and recognized discipline in their own organizations. Technology leaders are invited to participate in an interactive survey that measures how they improve value by applying business acumen to decision making.

The aggregate results will be shared and distributed as an industry-first benchmark, called the TBM Index, which can be used by readers to compare and assess their own application of business principles against their peers.

"In my own role as CIO and through talking with my peers, I know the transformation from technology to business-focused leader can be a struggle for even the most experienced of us," said Erez Yarkoni, TBM Council board member and CIO at T-Mobile.

"Through the TBM Council, book and TBM Index, we want others to learn from our mistakes and triumphs. We want the book to be viewed as a go-to resource of IT insights and useful best practices that help the average CIO begin tearing down the walls between IT and the rest of the business."


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