Salesforce CEO: Windows 8 is ‘irrelevant’, thanks in part to smartphones and tablets

October 22, 2012

Answering questions at Salesforce's Cloudforce show, Benioff claimed that the prevalence of smartphones and tablets will have a negative impact on Microsoft’s new OS, and even cited one global CIO who is getting rid of PCs because of a supposed lack of demand from employees.

According to Venture Beat, the Cloudforce CEO added that people are now more often talking about which smartphones and tablets they want to buy, rather than PCs, and said that CIOs will feel less inclined to upgrade to the new OS than they did with Windows 7.

“Windows 8 is the gambit — will [CIOs] upgrade, or will they do something else?" asked the Cloudforce exec. "It’s the end of Windows…Windows is irrelevant.”

Windows 8 will launch on October 26 and has been heralded as the biggest reinvention of the Microsoft operating system since Windows 95. The new OS will mark the first time a Microsoft operating system runs across desktops and tablet devices.


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