Samsung’s Galaxy Mega scores PC Mag’s Editor’s Choice for best phablet

August 29, 2013
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The venerable PC Mag has given Samsung’s Galaxy Mega, a smartphone that sports a “massive 6.3-inch screen” it’s coveted Editor’s Choice award for best phablet.

“…the sheer absurdity of this phone is kind of awesome, and it's a lot of fun to use,” PC Mag said in its review of the $149.99 Galaxy Mega sold by AT&T.

Reviewer Jamie Lendino also says the Mega compares favorably to the site’s previous Editor’s Choice, Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, which is slightly more-powerful, but twice-the-price. 

The Mega’s bigger screen makes it “more phablet for less money."

In his conclusion, Lendino adds that “… even more so than with the Galaxy Note series, I can imagine carrying the Galaxy Mega and not needing a separate tablet—which is the real point of this device. Just use a Bluetooth headset (or stereo Bluetooth headphones, for less of a dorky look) for the occasional voice call.” 

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