Samsung makes big enterprise push as Galaxy Tab maker mocks BlackBerry

January 22, 2013

Despite the firm’s Galaxy Tab tablets being criticized for being weak on enterprise security in a study towards the end of last year, Samsung has been talking up its enterprise features in recent weeks.

The company this week launched a new video ad which promotes how the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab can be used in business and the benefits of its Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE) technology. The video also pokes fun at the falling number of BlackBerry users in the enterprise.

The video focuses on a team of game developers seen using Galaxy smartphones and tablets for multi-tasking and collaborating on work, and also makes a point of highlighting the device's greater security.

Samsung has quietly ramped up its focus on enterprise in the last year, with the firm having talked at length on the subject at last year’s Mobile World Congress and at the recent International CES in Las Vegas.

At the latter, a senior exec from the firm said that 2013 will be the year Samsung really starts at bringing mobile devices into the workplace.

"The enterprise space has suddenly become wide open. The RIM problems certainly fuelled a lot of what the CIOs are going through, which is they want to get away from a lot of the proprietary solutions," said Samsung Mobile USA product chief Kevin Packingham, when speaking to Reuters.

"They want something that integrates what they are doing with their IT systems. Samsung is investing in that area."

"It's been a focus for a long time but the products have evolved now that we can really take advantage of that. We knew we had to build more tech devices to successfully enter the enterprise market.”


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